Service Department

Let us handle all your maintenance needs

Service Department

Let us handle all your maintenance needs

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Service Department

Simplify your pool and spa maintenance by letting us do it for you! We come out once a week and provide all the expertise and chemicals needed to care for your pool or spa. The Pensacola Pools’ service department can assist you with any problems you may experience with your pool, spa and related equipment. Give us a call at (850) 477-5700 or toll free at (866) 477-4977 to set up an appointment with one of our technicians.

All pool owners want a safe, clean and comfortable swimming environment. For this reason, we use various chemicals to keep the chemistry of the pool water in balance. Most pool owners have come to realize that the seemingly simple substance, H2O, can be surprisingly complex. Since swimming pools vary so widely in their behavior, it is important to examine the factors known to affect pool water, which can lead to problems if not dealt with properly.

As the weather heats up and afternoon thunderstorms roll in, pool maintenance and upkeep tends to take on a new meaning. Chemicals are leached out of your pool due to three common summertime conditions – rainfall, hot temperatures and swimmer load. All three conditions require you to keep an eye on the chlorine level in your pool and regulate it weekly.

If you manually feed chlorine into your pool, keep your automatic chlorinator full of TriChlor tablets and be sure to shock every 4 to 5 days. You should run your pump at least 15 hours daily to insure your water is properly filtered.

If your pool is equipped with a salt generator, the percentage should be set at 50-75% (based on your pool size and usage) and also be prepared to shock with chlorine as needed. Using a weekly maintenance dose of our Premium III Algaecide will combat algae and help to keep your pool clear.

Keeping your chemicals balanced will save money, extend the life of your pool and equipment and add to the overall enjoyment of your pool. We recommend a complete water analysis, done by one of our associates at least once a month during the swimming season and every 6 to 8 weeks in the off season.

Troubleshooting Guide

Cloudy Water – check the filtration system for proper pressure. Make sure the pump is running a sufficient amount of time. Make sure the filter media or cartridge is clean. Check the PH of the water; high PH will cause cloudiness and can be corrected by adding Pensacola Pools PH Reducer. Check the chlorine level; low chlorine will cause cloudy water and indicates that the pool should be shocked with chlorine. The addition of a clarifier such as Pensacola Pools Ultra Blue or 4 in 1 Clarifier will polish the water and improve the water clarity.

High Chlorine Usage…check the stabilizer (cyanuric acid) level in your pool water. If the level is below 40 ppm, the addition of Pensacola Pools Conditioner Stabilizer is needed. Check the PH level in your pool to make sure it falls within the recommended range of 7.2 to 7.8. Make sure the free and total chlorine levels are in close proximity of each other. If the total chlorine level is elevated, the addition of a chlorine shock or a non-chlorine oxidizer is needed. The filtration system should always be clean and in proper working condition.

Chlorine Odor – this is most likely a sign of the previously mentioned high total chlorine level, also know as chloramines. This condition will irritate skin and eyes and cause a strong chlorine odor. Again, the addition of shock or oxidizer is needed.

Eye Burn – low PH levels or high total chlorine levels can cause eye burn. Adjust these chemicals as needed.

Staining – check the metal levels, such as iron and copper in the pool water. If metals are present in the water, treat with Staintreat to remove the stains, followed by Pensacola Pools Metal Out. Stains can also be caused by tannic acid leaching from leaves, especially oak leaves. Remove leaves and treat with Staintreat.

The War on Algae

Although each type of algae requires special treatments, there are certain criteria that must be met when treating all types of algae. You must have a combination of the following:

  • Good Circulation
  • Good Filtration
  • Frequent Brushing
  • Proper Chemical Levels
  • Sufficient Level of Sanitizer

Green algae can most often be eliminated with superchlorination and maintaining continuous high chlorine residual levels. However, if the algae have been allowed to establish a foothold in the pool, an algaecide will need to be added. Premium III or Mustard Free are effective treatments against green algae. If accumulations of dead algae need to be removed after the treatment, Super Drop Out can be used to complete the clean up.

Mustard algae is a powdery, yellowish substance that is easily brushed from the pool surfaces, however it can not be eliminated by chlorine alone. Premium III, Mustard Free and Swimtrine are all effective algaecides that can be used to kill mustard algae, but specific directions must be followed in order for the treatment to work.

Black algae is most commonly found in concrete / gunite pools and appears as black spots or patches. Super 90 Granules can be sprinkled onto the algae patches or a chlorine tablet placed / rubbed over the algae (do not do this to a vinyl liner pool). If the algae persists, some additional help is called for. Using Black Algaetrine according to directions is helpful. Persistent brushing is necessary to break through the outer crust of this algae, for the treatment to be successful.

When treating any of these types of algae, don’t take for granted that is has all been killed once the algae disappears. In some instances, even though the algae can’t be seen, there are still plenty of algae spores waiting to start a new bloom. One of the most common complaints heard about algae is that is reoccurs; actually it probably never went away.

We advise a weekly maintenance dose of algaecide such as Pensacola Pools Defense, as a preventive.

Pump & Filter Operation

A.  Start up of Pump

1.  Turn breaker on
2.  Watch pump to make sure water is flowing. If there is no water flow, you will need to prime the pump.

B.  Priming Pump

1.  Turn Power Off
2.  Remove clear top from pump and fill strainer housing with water.
3.  Put top back on (quickly), and turn power on. It will take the pump a few minutes to prime.

Repeat if Necessary.

C.  Normal Operation of Pump & Filter

1.  All valves open (spa valve optional)
2.  Filter handle should point to filter operation.

D.  To Clean Sand Filter

1.  Roll out backwash hose.
2.   Turn pump off and rotate filter handle clockwise to backwash position, following the direction of the indicator arrows.
3.  Turn pump on, watch water in clear vile until water clears (approximately 2 to 2 1/2 minutes).
4.  Turn pump off, rotate filter handle to rinse, turn pump back on and watch vile until water clears (approximately 1 minute).
5.  Turn pump off, rotate handle back to filter and turn power back on for normal operation.

This should be done at least once a week.

E.  Draining Excess Water from Pool

Turn pump off, rotate filter handle to waste or drain, roll out backwash hose, turn pump on. When water is at proper level, turn pump off and return filter to original position. If filter does not have a waste or drain setting, set to backwash and follow same directions.

How to Vacuum your Pool

A.  To Vacuum Pool

1.  Turn main drain valve off, to close bottom drain.
2.  Check pump to be sure water is still flowing.
3.  Attach vacuum hose to vac head and skim vac adapter. Swivel end of vac hose should go on the vac head.
4.  Place vac head (with pole) in water
5.  Fill vac adapter end of hose with water by holding over return jet, where water is coming back into the pool. Place vac adapter in skimmer, over basket. Close shallow end skimmer.
6.  Check pump for prime and vacuum. If cleaning on a normal weekly basis, vacuum with filter handle in filter position. When pool is extremely dirty or very fine particles are being vacuumed, put filter handle in waste or drain position. On waste, the pool will be losing water, so be sure to stop and refill when needed. Always backwash pool after vacuuming.

A.  Cleaning Your Pump Basket

1.  Cut Power Off.
2.  Close valves marked Drain & Skimmer.
3.  Rotate filter handl to closed position.
4.  Open pump lid and clean basket; close back up and tighten.
5.  Open valves and rotate filter handle to filter position.
6.  Turn on pwer

Spa Maintenance

Summer is a good time to do a routine check-up and get your spa in peak condition, replace the water and do a general overall clean-up.

Before running water into the spa, flush the hose onto your lawn for three to five minutes to clean out any contaminates. Always feed the hose into the filter compartment when filling your spa. This will reduce air bubbles in the heater line, which can cause your heater to trip off when you’re trying to restart it after refilling.

Check your filters – they are the lifeblood of your spa. On a weekly basis, rinse them thoroughly with the water hose and a strong stream of water. Monthly, you should spray the filter with Spray & Rinse Filter Cleaner, let sit for 20 minutes and then thoroughly rinse off. This will dissolve body oils, which are more prevalent during the hotter months.

Always maintain proper levels of chlorine in the spa, even if you have an ozone purification system. If you have an ozonator, you may cut your sanitizer use in half, but it still needs to be checked weekly to ensure clear, sanitized water. For small to medium sized spas, as rule of thumb, add 1 teaspoon of Sodium 60 chlorine after each use or about 4 to 5 teaspoons weekly. You will have to adjust these amounts higher with more usage or if you have a larger spa.

Our award winning service department is housed in our Pensacola Boulevard location and all technicians are factory trained.


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